29 January 2009

Naughty Rose goes bananas!

There's nothing new in naughty Rose being sex crazed -you just have to take a look at this blog if still having any doubt-, but last night she went literally bananas! I was supposed to be working on the computer, but it was hard to keep away from her dirty chat. 'Do you want to see me while I eat my dessert? I'm having a banana', she said at some moment, and that's an offer few could refuse. So I turned on the webcam and there appears my cute, shy girl, holding the piece of fruit with an ashamed smile. It started more like a filthy joke, some flirting for making me hard and wishing to be banging her; but while it was quite a pleasant game, duty call and tiredness were my main concerns... until the beast was released.

I cannot explain how it went, but all the fake licking and sucking made her so horny that the fruit stopped being only a banana. What a show! Her sweet lips placed the exact amount of preassure while deepthroating the fruit, her eyes lost in lust. Quick moves of her tongue and lips playing skillfully through the phallic shape wen't together with nasty comments and a devilish leering. 'Mmmmm, it's sooo tasty', 'As much as cock?, 'Almost... but it is too soft >:D'. It was such a show I cannot even start describing it with words... one day we must upload some video for the world to understand how perfect cocksucker she is. I was breathless and damn hard, and soon I had forgotten about any work and was just jerking off to my whorewife display. 'Fuuuck, you are so big... I wish this was your cock', she started to undress with sensual movements, till her perfect, round boobs were completly exposed. She caressed herself with the fruit, rubbing it against her breasts, neck, and cheecks; while I told her how I wanted to get her on the floor and fuck her wild, hard , deep, for then cuming all over her -which just happened to drive her crazier and make her break the poor thing, which she ate greedily with a smirk. Her face was wet and sticky, which kinda happens after u spend half an hour blowjobing a banana.

But if I thought that was the end I was damn wrong. 'What do you want now, my Master', she asked, touching herself sensually. "Master" was fighting with his inner saints who still hoped to make something productive out of him; but the beatifully evil face on the screen just wouldn't allow it: 'Do you wanna see my ass?'. She made a gorgeous striptease, moving her hips in a hypnotic dance; and soon her round shapes were all in front of me. It was too much. I asked her to spread it wide open, and let myself dive on pleasure. She herself was so horny that soon was fingering her pinky pussy, telling me how she wanted to be fucked in her sexy ass. She came to an intese orgasm, her satisfied smile beating to the rythm of her breath. Soon I also did, giving her a huge load that dripped on the chair, the floor and any place you may think of. 'That was fucking awesome', the experience was summed up.

Rose went for a shower and I opted for bed... where I received a sms from my sweet nympho explaining how she had just had another marvelous cumming under the water. Yes, we are sexaholics. And we love it.

From now on, bananas will be Rose's main snack when eating out.


  1. You knew I always loved bananas... Today at work it was very hard to just eat it... But I was alone at the office for a while, and so I closed my eyes thinking how nice it is to have something long and thick in your mouth... I moved it quickly in and out, taking out the outer part of it. I like to eat it like that...
    I am happy you enjoyed the show.
    It was fucking awesome :*

  2. Mmmm, such a pitty there was no one who could enjoy that delightful sight...
    I should be hidding under your desk everyday for some nice licking... work would be way easier >;-D

  3. I'm surprised that Lechien can drag himself off to work and leave behind such a hottie.

    It would be great if Alex and I could webcam during the day but my boss would have something to say about that. ;)

  4. Well, you and Alex can enjoy each other every day I guess. We, so far, can't. And so the frustration is making us more crazy ;)
    But when we will finally be together again, I won't let him work ;P I mean... If he will manage to do it, while having me in between his legs, then there will be no problem >;)