22 January 2011

We're finally back!

Well, sort of. We are coming with a good deal of changes, starting from the whole blog itself. We've moved to ninfaviciosa.blogspot.com, where we have set a whole new blog with a flashier design (thanks to my boy :*) and a new approach.
In the last months we were having fun at some Spanish amateur forum, where we adopted a brand new persona and got a little better at taking and editing photos. And it was such a fun! Thus the name change and the new emphasis in media (go and check our comic -so far sadly in Spanish- and don't miss the premiere of our first short porn movie in some weeks).
The bad news is that so far, the new site is only in Spanish. Not that there is so much to read :p
But we are considering to translate it, depending on... you! Leave us feedback asking for an English version and we will listen. In the meantime, you can enjoy the universal language of pics (and tits :p).
So, update your favorites and come visit us to our new house, ninfaviciosa.blogspot.com!

14 May 2009

Mind blow

Rose and me have been quite busy lately. And I don’t mean busy like in a metaphorical, naughty way; but like in busy. Well, it is true that our last three days have been filled with crazy cybersex (did I just fuck a pillow??) and fantasizing about our soon-to-be life together. Yeah, one of this days we’ll have to post something of it. But we are too busy. That’s the life of a young couple: work, lunch break, sex, work, dinner, sex, sleep four hours.

But don’t you worry, dear voyeurs, we’ll try to find some time for you. Who knows?, maybe we’ll even decide to upload some hardcore fragments of our fallen angel video… but for that you’ll have to ask nicely >;-D

08 May 2009

She is an angel

But a fallen, dirty one. And she loves it. You can tell by the way she confidently approaches you; her hips dancing to an imaginary rhythm. If you had met her before, you wouldn’t believe that sweet little face could display such a lustful expression. But that would only mean you didn’t really get to know her.
Standing in front of you, she carelessly strokes her wings with a naughty smile. Her feathers are dark. Her gift won’t be peace and eternal boredom.
A hand finds its place on your crotch, the geography not being unknown to it. She pets her favorite toy, trying to fight her instincts, to enjoy the foreplay. But that doesn’t last long. Before you know it she is in her knees, filling her mouth with your taste. “You know, there is nothing I love more than a warm, thick cock…”, she will say. “… well, maybe two of them”.

Time seems standing still. Engulfed by tidal waves of physical and visual pleasure, you may think there’s nothing more you could ask for. And yet, she reminds you, this is nothing but the beginning…

24 April 2009

Three fine weeks

So it ended. Our three fine weeks together. Absolutely not enough.
But it's the last damn two months that we are apart and this thought makes it a bit easier.
Still... It's so hard to come back to reality. After those lazy mornings, careless walks and crazy fucking.
We've also managed to make some good porn...
Would you, dear readers, like us to share some of it with you?

22 March 2009

Relaxing bath...

[I must admit, I hate shaving my pussy...]

13 March 2009

Before work...

My skin misses sun. And some soft touch...
I wish someone could help me, on such lazy mornings, just before work...
Wanna help?

09 March 2009

Sugasm #160

I submitted Rose’s legs to last Sugasm so everybody could enjoy their beauty. Now, it is our turn to post back the links appearing on this edition. Thanks to all of you who rated our posts, and specially to Snowball, Buddy and Yola for their comments. We love feedback!


This Week’s Picks
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Love Languages
“How do I best show my love?”

Sugasm Editor
Faking A Four Way

Editor’s Choice
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