22 January 2011

We're finally back!

Well, sort of. We are coming with a good deal of changes, starting from the whole blog itself. We've moved to ninfaviciosa.blogspot.com, where we have set a whole new blog with a flashier design (thanks to my boy :*) and a new approach.
In the last months we were having fun at some Spanish amateur forum, where we adopted a brand new persona and got a little better at taking and editing photos. And it was such a fun! Thus the name change and the new emphasis in media (go and check our comic -so far sadly in Spanish- and don't miss the premiere of our first short porn movie in some weeks).
The bad news is that so far, the new site is only in Spanish. Not that there is so much to read :p
But we are considering to translate it, depending on... you! Leave us feedback asking for an English version and we will listen. In the meantime, you can enjoy the universal language of pics (and tits :p).
So, update your favorites and come visit us to our new house, ninfaviciosa.blogspot.com!

1 comment:

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